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Super Gr8 is a film festival unlike any other. Now in its eighth year, the festival has produced over 300 short films, all shot entirely on the classic Super 8 film format. Each filmmaker is given just one roll of film (about 3 minutes & 20 seconds) to shoot their film, which must be shot entirely in order, with no edits made. On the night of the screening, the filmmakers see their developed films for the first time on the big screen, along with the rest of the audience.

Super Gr8 encourages all who are interested in participating to sign up. Slots have always been given on a first-come, first-served basis. The festival's unique limitations help to level the playing field, encouraging healthy competition and creative collaboration in our community.

Originally a 1960's home-movie format, Super 8 has undergone a major revival in the digital age as professionals and amateurs alike crave the organic, timeless look of real film. Our partners at Pro8mm use modern, digital scanners to capture every detail from these tiny frames, which we project over two nights at Harrisonburg's treasured Court Square Theater.

Super Gr8 was born out of a conversation between Tim Estep and Paul Somers. Both lovers of the Super 8 film format and inspired by a class project from Tim's days as a Maine film student, they organized the first Super Gr8 Film Festival in 2010.

Left: Paul Somers / Right: Tim Estep